Evolution MD

Written by admin on January 29, 2016

About This Project

Evolution MD App was custom designed and programmed for IOS platforms with the intention to later build an Android version of it. It was developed for potential clients and customers to learn more about various plastic surgery procedures offered by the center but also to help them visualize a final possible look of themselves, if they decided to move forward with a specific procedure performed by the center. The app was designed to radically improve and up-sale the services provided by the plastic surgeon. On the medical side, Evolution MD App provides the center/surgeon with a platform to showcase their capabilities. And not only that, but also enables them to easily target and personalize their marketing to appropriate potential clients by selling them their own products that they could not otherwise afford to sell in other places. On the user side, Evolution MD App not only provides users with a platform to visualize realistic effects of a plastic surgery on themselves but it enables them to easily personalize these effects (like increase or decrease breast size for example) and purchase products recommended by the surgeon at the time of a real surgery. Additionally, users are able to make appointments or live chat with an expert to clear any possible doubts. Some other capabilities are: ability to login into the system under a registered user. Walk through a 3D rendition of the Plastic Surgeons center. View videos regarding various procedures. Upload personal images to perform digital procedures like face lifts, buttock augmentation, liposuctions or abdominal implants. Take a hormone level test and view result-based images. Review and purchase products on sale.

Project Stats

  • Type Digital, Video
  • Date January 29, 2016
  • Client Evolution MD
  • Link evolutionmd.com